Profoto 900618 Acute2/D4 Head (Black)

Affordable Profoto 900618 Acute2/D4 Head (Black)

  • Maximum Watt/Seconds: 3000 – 4800
  • Cable Length: 16.4′ (5m)
  • Protective Glass Dome: Yes- UV Frosted as supplied, others available
  • Fan Cooled
  • accepts all Profoto light shaping tools

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The Profoto Acute 2-D4 modular flash head design features a circular, heavy duty, quartz flash tube and UV coated protection dome that surrounds both the flash tube and the 250W modeling light. It provides even, consistent illumination. All lamphead cables feature Profoto special connectors for arc-proof performance. All Acute 2-D4, 2, and Acute heads accept the same modular light shaping tools.The flash tube in this head can handle up to 4800 w/s, when used with a D4 series power pack. The modeling lights for this unit are readily available in a variety of voltages for use all over the world.This Acute 2-D4 Head produces a color temperature of 5400°K as supplied. There are other optional domes that are more heavily coated, for a warming effect of 300 or 600° increments, for a color temperature of 5100 or 4800°, respectively. A power supply for this flash head is required. Compact Design, Virtually indestructible, Simple cylindrical design makes it easy to set up, and transport, Easy to Control, Supplied with a 5/8-Inch stand adapter to mount the units onto any standard light stand. A built-in tilt-control lever makes for easy angle adjustment, Easily Replaceable Flashtube, Heavy duty, plug-in quartz flashtube, Protective UV, frosted glass dome surrounds the flashtube for even illumination and an added margin of safety, Optional glass domes with a variety of coatings for added color temperature control are available Removable Reflector, Unique adjustable zoom reflector varies the focus of the light emitted, Reflector lip accepts optional grids without the need for adding an adapter, Many other reflectors are available.

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Profoto 900618 Acute2/D4 Head (Black)