Manfrotto 498 Ball Head Replaces Manfrotto 488

Best reviews of Manfrotto 498 Ball Head Replaces Manfrotto 488

  • Supports up to 17 pounds
  • Repositionable locking lever for most comfortable use.
  • New ergonomic design.
  • New friction control for better control.

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This ball head has been totally redesigned for better ease of use. The new friction control knob allows the photographer to achieve superior control when handling the camera and making micro movements without having to totally lock and unlock the ball head. The locking knob on this head have been redesigned to be more ergonomic, easier to handle and more user-friendly. The ergonomic shape allows the user to better lock the ball for security. A smart repositionable locking lever allows the user to place it in a comfortable position in order to use it in the most convenient way. Just pull it outwards, put it in the best working position and then release it. The locking lever securely locks the head both in the +90° -90° ball positioning and in the 360° pan positions. With solid aluminum construction, this head is the ideal support for all traditional small or medium film or digital cameras up to 17 pounds. This replaces the Manfrotto 488.

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Manfrotto 498 Ball Head Replaces Manfrotto 488